Monday, June 21, 2010

dinner 22

with dad in mind on father's day, i really wanted to do the staplehouse version of steakhouse food. we started with a "wedge" salad. half a head of baby chicory from rock star farms, housemade bacon, maytag blue cheese, basil, heirloom hot-house tomatoes, red onion and champagne vinaigrette.
next up, tybee island white shrimp salad with avocado terrine.
these amazing shrimp were poached and then marinated in lime, orange, jalapeno, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. after a few hours of marinating i tossed them with cilantro, red onion, radish and cucumber. the avocados were pressed into a terrine mold overnight. right before plating, i removed the terrine and cut slices revealing this green mosaic.
mac and artisanal cheese.
we baked the pasta in a mix of four cheeses (secret staplehouse recipe), topped with garlic bread crumbs and parsley
whole roasted ribeye sliced prime rib style, with crispy hand cut french fries. we served the steak with sides of garlic mayo, housemade hot sauce and sea salt.
one of my oldest memories of food is a neighborhood block party where my dad made homemade georgia peach ice cream. i remember the kids sitting around the churning wood bucket waiting for the first taste of creamy cold peaches. with that memory in mind, i made old fashion vanilla bean ice cream and topped it with macerated peaches from milan, georgia.
thank you for sharing father's day dinner with us: cari, jim, michael, steve, amanda, scott, sarah, al, amy and steve b.!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

sunday, june 20th - SOLD OUT

sunday, june 20th 2010 - father's day

"wedge salad", local greens, maytag blue cheese, heirloom tomatoes
tybee island white shrimp salad
dad's roasted ribeye, sea salt, housemade hot sauce, mac and artisanal cheese, fried potatoes, garlic mayo
vanilla ice cream with georgia peaches

Monday, June 14, 2010

dinner 21

jenny and benny, ready for dinner!
georgia cheese tasting.
we started our guests off with a trio of sweet grass dairy cheeses. thomasville tomme, sweet grass green hilll, and asher blue cheese
originally the plan was to grill the peaches... but advertising a menu days before a dinner, the peaches ripened a little ahead of schedule. we bagged the grill and just sliced the peaches. here's the salad with baby arugula, local goat cheese, marcona almonds, housemade bacon, champagne vinaigrette, and burnt honey from glover family farms.
jens favorite course of the night.
berkshire pork pate, housemade mustard, pickled rock star farms baby carrots and watermelon radish salad
main course.
pan roasted leg and breast of cornish hen with georgia lady pea hummus, "greek salad" with tomato-chili oil

we forgot to take a picture of the dessert. we had some difficulty with our freezer and it caused us to change our original plan and reach out and support our new favorite ice cream shop, morellis! morellies is a frozen treat shop in east atlanta that serves the best ice cream and sorbet we have ever had. the housemade pralines were served with orange-rosemary and lemon sorbet instead of the georgia peach sorbet. perfect finish to the dinner. thanks for the rescue morellis!

thank you max, nelya, melanie, steve, jonathan, jennifer, kim, pam, leah and chuk for joining!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

sunday, june 13th - SOLD OUT

sunday, june 13th 2010

georgia cheese tasting
grilled georgia peaches, arugula, housemade bacon, marcona almonds, burnt glover family farm honey, local goat cheese

country pork pate, house made pickles and mustard
cornish hen, georgia crowder pea hummus, "greek salad", tomato and red chili flake oil
georgia peach sorbet, mint syrup, praline