Wednesday, March 25, 2009

april 5th dinner - SOLD OUT!

holy cow! or pig, lamb, chicken, whatever you prefer.

our april 5th dinner sold out in record time - we are thrilled that you all are interested in what we are doing. thank you for all the support! we can't wait to hear feedback about this upcoming dinner.

Monday, March 23, 2009

april 5th 2009 - ONLY dinner this month!

locally foraged morel mushrooms
basil, cream, asparagus, toasted bread

warm potato and mussel salad
celery leaves, piquillo peppers, smoked paprika aioli

yellow corn crusted scallops
blacks beans, house cured bacon, cilantro, poblano creme fraiche

crispy pork belly salad
riverview farms pork, avocado, jicama, chili lime marmalade

smoked hanger steak
pickled three onion salad, parsley sauce

peanut buster parfait
ryan's proximity infatuation.  and yes, we mean dairy queen style!

highlights from our 3rd dinner

our 3rd dinner... we personally knew only a couple of people, so having that many new faces was awesome. we heard a lot of great feedback and enjoyed hearing suggestions. thank you to suzanne, meta, jim, jonas, lindsey, tom, michelle and kerry for allowing me to share what i do with you!
one of the courses did change prior to the dinner. the lamb meatball dish turned into braised gum creek farms katahdin lamb with oven roasted tomato, persian feta and mint. here it is (a little blurry).
here is the kona kampachi dish. grapefruit wedges, basil and black olive sea salt. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

march 22nd dinner - sold out

our third dinner is now sold out!  more invitations to come!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

dinner three - march 22nd 2009

kona kampachi salad
grapefruit, basil, citrus oil, champagne vinegar

serrano "ham salad"
frisee, citrus marinated olives, fried potato, sherry vinaigrette

cornmeal fried oysters
riverview farms stone ground grits, cilantro, creamy guajillo chile vinaigrette

gum creek farms katahdin lamb meatballs
spring peas, pecorino romano and mint yogurt

dry aged ribeye and potato hash
worcestershire jus, caramelized onions, arugula, point reyes blue cheese

hazel "nutter butters"
ryan's take on his favorite cookie. what! what!