Monday, February 21, 2011

dinner 27

three courses tonight, originally slotted as a family style dinner, became a plated dinner. some last minute changes and we are ready to roll.
busy busy! didn't have a lot of time to take pictures this time around, but here are a few snapshots of the three courses. photo one: mixed baby lettuce with potato skin croutons, midnight moon aged goat cheese, house made bacon and sour cream dressing. for the main course: housemade sausages with buttered cabbage and radicchio, and a rye bread farinette cake. dessert: was warm chocolate cake with a blood orange semifreddo (that tasted exactly like an orange creamsicle), a dusting of ground cocoa nibs and tart blood orange sauce to round out the sweetness.
thank you to andy, erika, shawn, kris, russ, kaley, scott, amy, perry and patty!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

sunday, february 20th - SOLD OUT

sunday, february 20th, 2011 - family style

loaded potato salad, greens, potato skin croutons, housemade sour cream dressing, midnight moon aged goat cheese, housemade bacon
mangalitsa pork sausages, buttered cabbage, beer, juniper, rye stuffing
blood orange semifredo, warm chocolate cake

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

merry christmas woodie

our last dinner was a gift from husband to wife. and nothing says i love you like five courses of food and wine. steve and woodie have been regulars at muss & turner's since the beginning and have become good friends along the way. when steve got a hold of me and said he would like to buy a dinner for woodie as a christmas gift, we were honored. they brought a fantastic group of friends and some amazing wines along to pair with the food.
as our own toughest critics, it's rare when jen, ben and i are all in love with every dish, but this night was perfect, and it's always better when you have great guests to share it with. the picture below is our housemade pasta filled with duck confit. it was prepped earlier in the day. before our guests arrived.

first course... a staplehouse favorite. fennel, radicchio, goat cheese, housemade bacon, hazelnuts and wholegrain mustard vinaigrette. we washed the salad down with a lovely chateauneuf du pape.
the favorite of the night. fried little neck clams with chorizo and cilantro with chili lime mayo. paired with the rose above, can you tell we are itching for spring?
course three. duck confit pasta, parmesan jus roasted tomatoes and housemade ricotta paired with 2007 saint damien cotes du rhone... crazy good!
riverview farms grass fed beef and berkshire pork meatloaf, mash potato sauce, and red wine roasted mushrooms. if this wine and this dish don't make your mouth water something is wrong.
and last... chocolate terrine with creme fraiche ice cream, salted peanuts and blood orange.
we are honored to have shared our home with steve, woodie and their guests. this dinner will be one for our record books. not only for the food and wine, but mainly for the company! thank you to steve, woodie, bert, jane, charles, kristie, dallas, margaret, scott and margaret!

december... family style

things have been crazy over the last couple months working towards the opening of staplehouse, so we have a backlog of dinners to share with you. these photos are from a family style dinner we hosted in december. we started our guests with a warm salad of roasted carrots and parsnips with whole grain mustard and chicken stock vinaigrette.
a quick mid course... a shot of creamy onion soup with olive oil and arugula.

main course. housemade tagliatelle braised tamworth pork cheek, parmesan and olives.
and for dessert, a slice of rich creamy cheese cake with housemade orange marmalade.
thanks to all who joined in!