Monday, May 23, 2011

dinner 30

in no particular order....
a take on a childhood favorite. cottage cheese, woodland garden tomatoes, crispy serrano ham, jalapeno, basil and sherry vinaigrette.
sapelo island clams in green garlic sauce on toasted H&F bread, topped with a salad of shaved spanish chorizo, spring onions and sunflower sprouts.
this dish sings to me! mangalitsa ham terrine with crudites of local goodies. 20min pickles, red leaf lettuce, radish salad, oil cured olives and dijonaise. wash it down with a cold beer and i'm in heaven.

wagyu flat iron, beet potato puree, roasted cipollini onions and baby carrots with chimichurri.
last but not least, orange bread pudding with soft cream and orange marmalade.
thank you dasha, ed, linda, cal, kim, jason, elizabeth, matt, danielle and harvey!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

sunday, may 22nd - SOLD OUT

sunday, may 22nd 2011

morningside market salad
woodland gardens tomatoes, cottage cheese, jalapeno, crispy serrano ham, basil, cracked black pepper and sherry vinaigrette
sapelo island clam toast, chorizo, green garlic sauce, spring onions
wagyu flat iron, beet potato puree, roasted cipollini onions, baby carrots, chimichurri
orange bread pudding, soft cream, kumquat preserves

Sunday, May 15, 2011

dinner 29

it's hard not to start with leafy greens this time of year. bib lettuce and arugula with radishes, toasted almonds, hooks blue paradise blue cheese, housemade bacon and red wine vinaigrette.
a mosaic of ripe avocado, a nice component for salmon sashimi.
finished with carrots, radishes and cilantro. a spot of chili mayo and lime.
created out of the need for preservation, confit is a method that allowed precious meat to be saved well into the winter months. with modern refrigeration we no longer need to maintain these practices, but we do, because it is delicious! duck confit with salad of cucumbers and arugula, herb yogurt dressing, pickled mustard seed sauce and oil cured olives.
a rare treat, wagyu beef from mishimi ranch. this is the same beef that is raised in japan to make the coveted kobe beef. super rich and juicy, you would be hard pressed to find beef as high of quality.
sauteed lacianato kale, english cheddar mash potatoes and red wine jus.

thank you josh, emanuella, charles, jessica, steven, melanie, stephenie, greg, matt and brooks!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

sunday, may 15th dinner - SOLD OUT

sunday, may 15th 2011

morningside market salad, housemade bacon, almonds, red wine vinaigrette
wild king salmon, avocado terrine, carrots, radish, cilantro, chili lime mayo
crispy pork belly, cucumber and arugula salad, herb yogurt dressing, grain mustard sauce, oil cured olives
wagyu flat iron, english cheddar smashed creamer potatoes, crystal organics kale, red wine jus
short bread, orange custard, kumquat preserves

menu subject to change upon availability

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

dinner with the architects

we are thrilled to announce our friends at square feet studio who joined us for dinner. they are a very talented group who have worked on some beautiful and comfortable eateries around town like, west egg cafe and abattoir. we look forward to working with them in the future! the following are snapshots from the evening, but for even better imagery, please visit blake burton's photography site. blake is one of the newer architects at sfs and has an insane eye for detail!

roasted local beets, avocado, sweetgrass dairy goat cheese, tarragon and citrus vinaigrette.

japanese hamachi with soy marinated lacinato kale. the marinated kale has a very seaweed like quality. add mustard oil to stand in for wasabi and you have a strangely familiar japanese style dish.
chicken liver mousse trio. three different condiments. bread and butter shallots, roasted grape salad with hazelnuts and orange marmalade with basil.
for the main course, pan roasted north carolina flounder with crystal organics peas and carrots and green garlic risotto.
grandma would be proud! blueberry cake with cream cheese frosting and blueberry compote.

thank you to john, vivian, blake, tessa, jeremy, julie, lauren, wendy, mark and dena!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

family style on may first twenty eleven

as the temperature rises we start to lighten things up. clean and simple with a little italian. spring veggie salad. roasted carrots and turnips, marinated lacianato kale, english peas, buffalo mozzarella, and green garlic lemon vinaigrette.
housemade spaghetti and meatballs. we used berkshire pork and grass fed beef to make the meet balls and slow cooked san marzano tomatoes for the sauce. a little scratch pasta and parm and all you need is 'good fellas' playing in the background to make it complete.

a little sweet, a little tart to close out the evening. florida orange granita with coconut cream and local strawberry and cilantro salsa.
thank you kerry, greg, suzanne, becky, lauren, allan, angie, doug, beth and michael!!!