Monday, May 23, 2011

dinner 30

in no particular order....
a take on a childhood favorite. cottage cheese, woodland garden tomatoes, crispy serrano ham, jalapeno, basil and sherry vinaigrette.
sapelo island clams in green garlic sauce on toasted H&F bread, topped with a salad of shaved spanish chorizo, spring onions and sunflower sprouts.
this dish sings to me! mangalitsa ham terrine with crudites of local goodies. 20min pickles, red leaf lettuce, radish salad, oil cured olives and dijonaise. wash it down with a cold beer and i'm in heaven.

wagyu flat iron, beet potato puree, roasted cipollini onions and baby carrots with chimichurri.
last but not least, orange bread pudding with soft cream and orange marmalade.
thank you dasha, ed, linda, cal, kim, jason, elizabeth, matt, danielle and harvey!!!