Monday, April 26, 2010

dinner 19

with the arrival of spring, the food takes a refreshing twist... chilled cucumber soup with olive oil marinated peekytoe crab from maine and local yogurt.
crispy fried green beans and lemon slices with celery leaves, basil and roasted tomato aioli.
thanks to mi barrio restaurant for making the tortilla for our tostada. we topped it with alaskan halibut, citrus marinated olives, avocados, radish, cilantro and a dab of chipotle sour cream.
pictures don't do it justice. duck sausage grilled perfect and juicy, served with rock star farms cabbage and kale, house pickled peppers, corn bread croutons and a rich duck sauce (not in picture).
thanks to the gang for coming out! (from left to right) katie, mary, tommy, ari, j.d., (under 994) michael, jasmine, blake, (next to ryan) katie + jason.
that's a wrap! time for some much needed rest. this weekend come out and support a great cause for decatur green fest! the perfect opportunity to stop in to brick store pub for a pint and snack on great food from a selection of restaurants. be sure to stop by the staplehouse booth and say hello!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

sunday, april 25th 2010

chilled cucumber soup, local yogurt, maine peekytoe crab, taragon
mixed fry, green beans, lemon, herbs, tomato-basil aioli
tostada, halibut, olive, lime, avocado, chilis, cilantro
duck sausage, rock star farms lacinato kale and cabbage, pickled peppers, corn bread
lemon-blackberry semifreddo

Monday, April 12, 2010

dinner 18

with the arrival of spring we finally start to see some green! one of the first to bloom and one of my favorites, asparagus. a lot of the time the less you do with an ingredient the better off you are. blanched asparagus, grape tomatoes, shallots, parmesan cheese, and sherry vinaigrette. bright simple flavors.
for a precious few weeks when the right amount of sun and rain hit, one of the great culinary treasures is available. if you have the time and patience you might get lucky. this was my first find of the season and one of many found two days before the dinner. special thanks to owner, todd mussman of muss and turners, and gregg baker, sous chef for sharing the take with staplehouse. and these mushrooms were found ITP!
i always think i'm going to do something different with them, some grand plan... and i always end up doing the same thing! sauteed morels, garlic, shallots, basil and cream. pour it over a piece of toasted bread and call it a day. it's just so fucking (pardon) good!
never enough bread to soak up the rich mushroom perfumed cream.
just in case you don't feel like making the drive to buford highway... presenting the staplehouse noodle bowl! the broth was made with pork, chicken and dashi (traditional smokey seaweed broth) giving it a depth of flavor to warm your belly. we filled it with locally made noodles, radish, seaweed, vidalia greens, spicy house pickled cucumbers and crispy braised pork belly from riverview farms.
you don't want to leave any broth behind!
ben plating the wild alaskan king salmon set... grape tomatoes, soy beans, young vidalia onions, and buttery chicken broth.
the final dish.
another dessert that hit the spot for me. before meyer lemons make there exit for the year... meyer lemon semifreddo with raspberries and basil coulis.
light and airy, but still creamy and luscious.
half the crew hanging out and talking food....
thanks to jesse, whitney, phil, harrison, sean, jess, kim and alison for joining!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

sunday, april 11th - SOLD OUT

sunday, april 11th 2010

asparagus, grape tomato, basil, parmesan, sherry vinaigrette
warm mushroom salad, creme fraiche, roasted garlic vinaigrette
noodle bowl, crispy pork belly, vidalia greens, radish, soy, sesame
alaskan king salmon, tomato, soy beans, herbs, butter broth
lemon semifreddo, basil coulis, raspberries

best laid plans: while we make every effort to stick to the menu, we are committed to serving superlative ingredients, so slight changes may occur.