Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a blurb from the atlanta magazine dining blog

thank you to james from atlanta magazine for taking the time to talk with ryan about his business venture... we wanted to correct just a couple of things that were mentioned in his write up that we think are extremely important.

first, we are hosting our prelude dinners on a first come first served basis, we do not pre-sell or pre-book seats and only keep a waiting list for each individual dinner. that waiting list does not continue on. if someone were to cancel their spot for an individual dinner, then our waiting list comes in handy...

second, staplehouse, the restaurant, is not opening before year's end. we will keep our following informed of any opening dates, but please know we are taking our time and will not be opening before 2009 is over. be on the look out for an opening late 2010!


Monday, September 21, 2009

dinner 10

here are some shots from our last dinner.
we had our first party of six. great to have you!

ryan's favorite food! for anyone who's been to one of our dinners knows that we can't go without chicken wings during football season (go horse, by the way!). these wings were braised and then deep fried and served with a celery leaf and tarragon salad and a hot sauce spiked chicken jus.
here is ryan's version of a BLT. braised pork belly, local watercrese, riverview farms tomatoes and a garlic herb mayo.

ryan's last ditch effort to hold onto summer ingredients. an early autumn ratatouille and cast iron sealed colorado lamb tenderloin.

chocolatey goodness. grandma's chocolate cake meets creme fraiche and bacon.

thank you to scott, gray, julie, joel, julie, darren, felicia, jason, john and laurie!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

september 20th 2009

bacon, apple and fennel salad with whole grain mustard vinaigrette, hazelnuts and goat cheese

manila clam ribollita, white beans, lacinato kale, chili flakes

chicken wings

pork belly BLT

lamb tenderloin, early fall ratatouille

chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, whipped house made creme fraiche and bacon pretzel crumble

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

tacos 2009

"tacos @ hidinger's" was a huge success for us. we couldn't have been happier with the outcome of the day. no rain, great music, new friends and even some good food. here are a plethora of photos for your viewing pleasure. a special thanks goes to witt langstaff for allowing us to borrow a ton of the pictures he took of the day. to see his full set please visit here. and another thank you to matt + kate for taking some shots too, you can view their photos here.
above: our great friends/neighbors, travis + kathy offered the option of removing the privacy fence between our two yards. this very kind suggestion helped make the space a little more open and squish free.
below: the making of our first staplehouse tee shirt!

yes. that is ryan's brother scott, standing vertically on an 10 foot ladder without anything really holding him up in the air as he securely staples sheets to 3 2x4's to create our movie screen! all this for a silent movie. it was worth it. thank you todd mussman of muss & turner's for manning the caja china roasted pig station. our 2 pigs were roasted for a brief 4 hours before the party began. the skin crispy and the meat fall-off-the-bone and flavorful.
our most popular station of the night was manned by bella and don. they helped quench everyone's thirst by serving ryan's homemade margaritas, sangria and beer. a very special thank you to dennis lange of 5 seasons brewery for hooking us up with the suds!brandon manned the fire pit chicken pazole station. this pazole had our guests coming back for thirds. ryan's favorite dish of the night.thanks to gary matthews for providing the bayou classic dutch oven and grill.a nice plate of tacos barbacoa (manned by ben) and one of two lucky winners of crispy pig tail!

only a little bit of booty shaking actually occured.and a lot of jumping over the fire. thank goodness we had everyone sign that waiver!one last thank you to friends and family who came from out of state to help with this event. tacos was bigger and better than we ever thought it could be. we look forward to next years bash!