Monday, September 21, 2009

dinner 10

here are some shots from our last dinner.
we had our first party of six. great to have you!

ryan's favorite food! for anyone who's been to one of our dinners knows that we can't go without chicken wings during football season (go horse, by the way!). these wings were braised and then deep fried and served with a celery leaf and tarragon salad and a hot sauce spiked chicken jus.
here is ryan's version of a BLT. braised pork belly, local watercrese, riverview farms tomatoes and a garlic herb mayo.

ryan's last ditch effort to hold onto summer ingredients. an early autumn ratatouille and cast iron sealed colorado lamb tenderloin.

chocolatey goodness. grandma's chocolate cake meets creme fraiche and bacon.

thank you to scott, gray, julie, joel, julie, darren, felicia, jason, john and laurie!