Sunday, May 15, 2011

dinner 29

it's hard not to start with leafy greens this time of year. bib lettuce and arugula with radishes, toasted almonds, hooks blue paradise blue cheese, housemade bacon and red wine vinaigrette.
a mosaic of ripe avocado, a nice component for salmon sashimi.
finished with carrots, radishes and cilantro. a spot of chili mayo and lime.
created out of the need for preservation, confit is a method that allowed precious meat to be saved well into the winter months. with modern refrigeration we no longer need to maintain these practices, but we do, because it is delicious! duck confit with salad of cucumbers and arugula, herb yogurt dressing, pickled mustard seed sauce and oil cured olives.
a rare treat, wagyu beef from mishimi ranch. this is the same beef that is raised in japan to make the coveted kobe beef. super rich and juicy, you would be hard pressed to find beef as high of quality.
sauteed lacianato kale, english cheddar mash potatoes and red wine jus.

thank you josh, emanuella, charles, jessica, steven, melanie, stephenie, greg, matt and brooks!!!