Wednesday, June 17, 2009

snapshots from june 14th dinner

p2sh_06_14_09-276 by Ryan Judge.

p2sh_06_14_09-286 by Ryan Judge.
first course begins
p2sh_06_14_09-288 by Ryan Judge.
chilled georgia sweet corn soup with stand in fried scallop and baby arugula
p2sh_06_14_09-294 by Ryan Judge.
roasted grape and tarragon salad for chicken liver toast
p2sh_06_14_09-295 by Ryan Judge.
hazelnut studded chicken liver mousse on grilled french bread - it was ridiculous!
making of the herbed gnocchi
p2sh_06_14_09-303 by Ryan Judge.

p2sh_06_14_09-330 by Ryan Judge.

p2sh_06_14_09-344 by Ryan Judge.
p2sh_06_14_09-335 by Ryan Judge.
den chan soy glazed local veggies - we owe the ability to use this awesome soy sauce to our good friend, dennis lange of five seasons
wagyu beef (american kobe) with the soy glazed veggies
p2sh_06_14_09-337 by Ryan Judge.
down the hatch
p2sh_06_14_09-353 by Ryan Judge.
homemade sorbet made from riverview farms strawberries with good ol' fashion vanilla ice cream topped with mint syrup and mint leaves
p2sh_06_14_09-359 by Ryan Judge.
thank you ryan and wendy for the use of your camera!!! and thank you to victor, kerry, john, heather, laura, matt, ryan and wendy for supporting us! a special hoorah to ben for making things run as smoothly as they do when you are here!