Tuesday, November 10, 2009

chomp & stomp 2009

this was ryan's first year participating in chomp & stomp... a cooler of beer, a pot of chili, his idea of the perfect day off.
ryan tied for 7th place out of 80 participants, though he had hoped to place first, it was still a great day!
while ryan's chili recipe will remain a secret, we will say that it had hand diced angus beef brisket and 9 different kinds of chilies, dried and fresh, giving it layers of flavor. 6 gallons of chili was gone in 25 minutes. next year he will have to make more!thanks to all the staplehouse supporters for coming out and rooting us on, especially the ones that came back for thirds! for ma, kara and ben, a special thank you for taking time out of your day (a lot of time) to sling chili with ryan!and chef ria, we are coming to get you... as soon as the "real" staplehouse opens of course! and finally to the guys at "big foot chili", thank you for the shot of burbon, congrats on the spirit award.