Monday, January 11, 2010

family dinner

pregame... the table is set. wine ready to go. waiting for 10 new guests to arrive for this family style dinner.

it's becoming more important for ryan + i to share "family style" dinners with all of you. the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and pass a platter to your neighbor is an experience that's been left in the past. we love the idea of getting back to basics and providing an experience that is hard to find in restaurants these days. what will staplehouse, the restaurant, do to provide the same type of experience once it opens? whether we have a community style table or through our monthly sunday dinner, we will continue to offer a family style experience for those who feel the same way we do. comfortable. homelike. personal.

although void of color, this salad has found it's way onto ryan's staple list. composed of caramelized fennel, endive and garlic croutons with an anchovy vinaigrette. it's a bit of rustic warmth for this cold season.

main course. roasted cobia over house-made bacon and cipollini onions. garnished with pickled mustard seeds.
dessert. another example of ryan's simple, straightforward take on sweets. here is his chocolate pots de creme served with whipped cream and caramel sauce.

and finally, we forgot again to take a group photo. someone remind us next time.