Tuesday, April 5, 2011

family dinner - jersey style

we hosted our 15th-ish family style dinner last sunday. as it goes, 10 strangers join in and found out that they all (in some way or another knew each other). this city is so small! most of them grew up in or around the jersey area, hence us sub naming this post "jersey style".
we kept it pretty simple this go around...
pictured below - beautiful beech mushrooms. these elegant little sponges are a great carrier for flavor.
we started with a nice spring salad of asparagus, grape tomatoes, marinated beech mushrooms, arugula and ricotta salata cheese.a bonus mid course. spring vidalia onion soup with housemade bacon relish.the main course. hand cut papradelle with roasted tomatoes and braised gum creek farms pork, parmesan and olive oil.(not pictured)... dessert was chocolate mousse with toasted cashews, sea salt and really good olive oil.