Wednesday, June 22, 2011

father's day 2011

to our dads. and to our dads before them. father's day dinner at staplehouse was a relaxing and social evening.

crystal organics helped make a great potato salad when we tossed their red, purple, white and gold potatoes with celery and horseradish dressing, paired with a nice slice of prime strip steak.
an opportunity to play with my new toy, a takeda hamono 8", mioroshi - bocho . this thing is razor sharp and light as a feather. i had the honor of meeting this third generation master blade smith a couple weeks ago and had to have one.
tomatoes are starting to pop, my favorite time of year. my takeda could not let them have the spotlight all by themselves, i have a feeling it's going to be a problem!
pearson family farm peaches are the best i have had, and they are as sweet as can be right now. a salad of macerated peaches with la quercia prosciutto, local arugula and marcona almonds. if you have not had la quercia prosciutto it is a must try. its made in iowa from locally bred berkshire hogs and in my humble opinion rivals the great prosciutto di parma.
nice slice of prime beef with spicy horseradish potato salad, pickled scallions and parsley caper sauce.
most of our desserts are straight forward classic flavors that conjure up thoughts of childhood. but not this one. dark chocolate cake with avocado frosting, pistachios and guajillo chili honey. sounds crazy? trust us on this one. we paired it with a dogfish head beer called theobroma, an ale brewed with cocoa nibs, chilies and honey. perfect!
thank you to marcus, christie, matt, lisa, pete, kirsten, jennifer and shaun!