Thursday, November 1, 2012

chomp & stomp 2012

staplehouse friends,

as our grip loosens on another fall and the sun falls faster through the sky we start to realize the year is slipping through our fingers.  we stand at the edge of a two month free fall through holidays sure to be filled with hectic travel, bad gifts and worse party food, and we are left wondering if we accomplished all we set out to do this year.  did all the home improvements get done?  what about those work and personal goals you set for yourself at the new year?

if the answer is "no", don't worry.  not only are you not alone, but you are in good company!  so, with such little time left to get it all done, we say screw it, eat chili!  don't wait 'til every waking moment becomes about what extra you can do for your boss, family and friends... we know what you can do for yourself.

picture this...

the slow to rise sun peaks its weary eye over cabbagetown park to find camps of many joyous chili makers bustling about.  the 11:30am clinking of beer mugs and the pitter-patter of sneakers as chili crazed attendees squeeze through the gates of the cabbagetown chomp & stomp chili cook off!  yes folks, it's that time of year again!  one last chance for you to treat yourself before the holiday onslaught. the crisp fall air whisking you along as you indulge in the many chili incarnations bubbling away in hulking kettles.  we have assembled an all star team of chili chefs, aka beer drinkers, to aim our sights on glory this year.

come out and support staplehouse and enjoy the many wonders that this day brings.  plenty of arts and crafts along with all your favorite state fair food vendors and live music on three stages

by far our favorite atlanta festival of the year, chomp & stomp is sure to leave you in a half glazed state of bliss that will hopefully last longer than the tabasco necktie you will receive in the company gift exchange this season. here's to the chili!

ryan + jen