Wednesday, August 26, 2009

dinner 9

as it goes, we were persuaded to add 2 more seats for our prelude dinners. the dining table was full including one returning guest. the bar overlooking the kitchen is now 4 people deep. the bar seats have become a hot commodity lately as it provides the guest the opportunity to communicate with ryan and ben while they do their thing. for a very detailed note on the night please visit
a few predinner notes...being summer time, ryan loves the idea of light, refreshing dishes. there's no need to reinvent the wheel. sometimes nice big, fat chunks of tuna with a little citrus are just what you need to start the evening.

this dish was so good, we thought we needed a few of shots devoted to it. this is the start of the ricotta dumplings. a recipe so simple anyone can make it - ricotta, parmesan, egg and a little flour. the finished dish... yummy. ryan added hen of the woods mushrooms, corn and basil to balance the dish. ryan's favorite dish of the night. spicy chorizo, smoky sweet grilled cipollini onions and crispy potatoes. bold spanish flavors to compliment the pan roasted halibut.
there are a couple things ryan has adopted regarding southern food, one is PORK BELLY. what's not to love about melt-in-your-mouth pork fat and creamy stone ground corn?this dinner was extra special because we invited a special guest to help us out. ryan turner of muss & turner's provided the play-by-play on the wine pairings giving the guests an inside look on how restaurants view the marriage of food and wine. this was RT's first prelude dinner. he graciously volunteered his time for this one night engagement. thanks ryan!!!thank you to all of our guests for joining us. a couple of peeps wished to remain anonymous, so to make this photo easy on everyone, we all turned our backs except for ryan turner who couldn't pass up the photo-op. cheers!