Tuesday, December 22, 2009

dinner 12

happy holidays from ryan + jen!

dinner number 12 was our last for the year. we are looking forward to the new year where we hope to get one step closer to opening the doors of STAPLEHOUSE the restaurant.
thanks to everyone who attended: ana, will, leah, andy, joli, katie, christina, tom, michael and dianne, and thank you to all else who attended dinners in '09. a very very big thank you to ryan's sous chef, ben barth, who has donated his sundays to making it happen!

we are very excited for 2010! we have some special things in store for everyone in the year to come!

below are a few images of the dinner from 12/20/09.

the mushroom soup was the hit of the dinner. ryan pan roasted chanterelle, french horn and hen of the woods mushrooms, then pureed them with garlic, rosemary chicken stock and a touch of cream. the soup was garnished with marinated mushrooms.

ryan's favorite dish of the night. a warm salad of roasted cauliflower, lacinato kale and fingerling potatoes with a mustard dressing that was smooth and rich, much like a hollandaise.

pan roasted atlantic flounder with baby bok choy, turnips and den chan soy and yuzu.

a play on the terrible holiday fruit cake that everyone's grandma gives them. ryan made a spice cake and topped it with champagne and red wine macerated fruit with soft whipped homemade creme fraiche.