Tuesday, February 2, 2010

dinner 14

here we go again...
ryan's new favorite salad. one of the few dishes that have been repeated at staplehouse. salty, spicy and vinegary....yum!
great soup is one of those things that can warm the soul and make you smile. soups have become a staplehouse "staple" for our guests. it's funny how the simple things are often the best. soup is one of those dishes that lets the ingredient shine and reminds you of home. whether it's a bowl of campbells tomato or a homemade bowl of fennel puree with granny smith apples and goat cheese, as pictured here.ben is making mascarpone footballs for ryan's ravioli dish.

a more classic flavor pairing, ryan still loves tradition. here we have sweet potato raviolis with house cured bacon, mascarpone cheese and sage oil. definitely cold weather food.
intermission time.
more bold flavors. yellow corn crusted maine scallops with jalapeno creamed spinach and spicy pickled carrot salad.
a small but powerful dessert. chocolate terrine with raspberries, caramel sauce and sea salt.
the crew! thank you bob, nathan, molly, lindsey, marissa, lisa, karen, michael, ann and dane! 5 out of 10 of our guests celebrated a january birthday tonight. we were honored to have them here with us doing so!