Wednesday, February 17, 2010

be my valentine

staplehouse hosted it first private party this past sunday. we pre-sold this valentine's dinner for some friends and here are some photos from the night.

thank you to lesley from homemadegrits for the use of some of her photos! to view homemadegrits entire collection visit here.

potato puree and caviar started the night. it's one of those flavor combinations that tastes like love!

with all of this cold weather, ryan felt the need for hot soup. this time around we had a butternut squash puree with mascarpone cheese and toasted pumpkin seed oil.

golden beet salad with arugula, red onion, belle chevre and pickled mustard seed vinaigrette.

"pork and beans". braised pork belly with stewed white beans and pickled celery salad. right before the guests arrived ryan and i were commenting on the fact that this dinner wasn't very romantic... raw onions, pork and beans?! but hey, you cannot argue with delicious.

heart warming braised lamb sugo with homemade tagliatelle.

pre-desert. one single bite of chocolate terrine with caramel, raspberry and sea salt.

ben assembling the "hazel-nutters". in it's second appearance at prelude staplehouse dinners, they have found their way onto ryan's favorite list. a take on his favorite cookie, homemade hazelnut shortbread filled with sweet creamy peanut filling and server with custard and jam.

ok! so maybe ryan had a little too much to drink but hey, it was valentine's day! thanks to (from right to left, top row) richard, rachel, lesley, sam, stephanie, amy, marisa and (bottom row) kristin, kevin and shannon.