Monday, August 23, 2010

dinner 24

still no relief from the heat, so again we try to keep it light. keep your lobster and shrimp, for me and jen it doesn't get any better than king crab! local apples have started early this year, so here we have king crab with ellijay apples, watercress, housemade sour cream, lemon, pine nuts and yes, some really good olive up, burrata! a creamy fresh italian mozzarella luscious and oozing. with roasted local heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and grilled bread.
little neck clams with potatoes, spinach, cornbread croutons and houemade chorizo sausage. we served this dish with a side-car of housemade hot sauce... great summer clam dish!
roasted breast of hudson valley duck. we dusted the breast in a mixture of fresh ground cardamom, coriander and black pepper, and slowly crisped the skin. the salad was a mixture of orange glazed fennel, fresh calimyrna figs and pecans. finish the duck with a little sea salt and call it a day.
lastly, floats! hand dipped ice cream with boylan orange soda or gale's root beer. summer time a la 1945!
here is to good food and new friends. (from left to right going clockwise) thank you to shelton, laura, derek, dyan, ken, martin, justin, michael, becky and shelley!