Sunday, March 20, 2011

dinner 28

the game plan! our dinners go through a series of adjustments before we are finished. often the menu we write changes before we send out the invite due to the flux of ingredient, so we make notes and move forward.
spring has sprung!

starting off with a farmers market salad of arugula, french breakfast radish, watercress and creamy herb vinaigrette.

the ricotta dumplings. fluffy little pillows that are a nice lite way to incorporate cheese into a dish.
we served the dumplings with a salsa of sorts. olive oil poached grape tomatoes that marinated with garlic, spring green onions and thyme.
warmed up in a pan with some mushrooms and fresh basil.
mussels are one of those perfect ingredients that need little to make them shine. a little housemade bacon, basil, roasted tomato broth and toasted bread.
braised gum creek farms pork belly with roasted carrots, spring vidalia onions and riverview farms grits.
jalapenos for dessert? just a little! moist meyer lemon cake that we soaked with a little syrup we made from the leftover juice. a spoon of soft whipped cream, a scoop of tart raspberry sorbet and a sprinkle of candied jalapeno. sweet tart and just a touch of spice.

thank you brian, amanda, spencer, alison, david, ciara, michelle, christina, robert and dawn!!!