Tuesday, March 1, 2011

kimball mill dinner

last sunday we hosted a prelude dinner for some new great friends of ours who are opening up their own restaurant, kimball mill. each partner brought their significant other and also shared their time with the very lovely duo of love is love farm, joe reynolds and judith winfrey. each course was a surprise and we were excited to have them try some staplehouse grub.
getting organized! six courses is hard to pull off without ben in the kitchen, so we geared this dinner more in the appetizer direction. decide what plates for each course, check to see what last minuet details need to be prepped, and of course a budweiser!
first course. sashimi of tombo (or hawaiian albacore). a little preserved meyer lemon, mustard oil instead of wasabi, den chan shoyu and a ginger vinaigrette marinated kale that looks much like a seaweed salad.

the soup got a little jackoson pollock, but delicious nonetheless. carrot soup, avocado, housemade sour cream, chili oil and peppercres.

football season seems like years away, and sounds like it might be! so we did a dish to help encourage labor talks. fried springer mountain wings with celery salad, roaring 40's blue cheese and my housemade secret wing sauce.
mixing it up... hot to cold... rose to beer. i think it's important to keep the palate excited. next course was berkshire pork pate with dijonaise, pickled okra, crystal organics turnips and arugula served with crackers. we paired the terrine with victory golden monkey, an american belgian style beer.
hi brian.
hi judith.

originally this dish was going to be pork spare rib, but my riverview farms package was mislabeled, so we ended up with shoulder steaks. we changed it up and made a berkshire pork hot pot. radishes, scallions and mushrooms in a garlic, soy and ginger broth. i also made a broccoli kimchi sidecar to eat with it (above).

that's a lot of food, so to wrap it up, a meyer lemon and lime semifreddo paired with a cava.
cheers to my sister kara who joined us in the kitchen for her 2nd staplehouse dinner. you'll be seeing a lot more of her soon enough!

i think this says it all!
thank you joe, judith, jesse, karen, matt, rachel, miles, leigh anne, brian and stacey!
dinner is now over and we pop another bottle to drink with this bowl of warm chocolate ganache and crispy housemade bacon dip sticks.

down the hatch! it's just one of those things that happens when you are in the company of good food and good people.