Tuesday, July 24, 2012

summer time tagliatelle

three courses this time starting with a farmers market salad. the best and brightest that our local farmers have to offer.  tossed with a red wine vinaigrette and set on a big fat tomato slice with a little sea salt and black pepper. the amazing red corn is a new one for us called crimson queen and was actually from south carolina, but was so nice we had to include it.
cucumbers, peas, green beans, arugula and basil pop with flavor, nice and light.
housemade tagliatelle with staplehouse ricotta, berkshire pork and grass fed beef meatballs for the main course. we made the sauce from lightly roasted milled tomatoes from around the block.
yellow watermelon with watermelon granita, figs, cilantro syrup, and opal basil.
thank you peter, denise, jeff, ashley, tim, laura, coredelle, erica, dan + dawn!
last but not least... family meal! meatball subs hit the spot after a long weekend of dinners.