Monday, March 8, 2010

dinner 16

early morning, i crawl out of bed to start the dessert. though a tiny smile comes from mixing sweets and there is some sort of soothing pleasure about being the only one in a quiet kitchen, i still say, "thank god i'm not a pastry chef"!
albeit monochromatic, this salad of lump crab meat, endive, and olives with a honey mustard vinaigrette was a delicious balance of my favorite flavors. sweet crab, bitter greens, salty olives and tangy dressing... yum!
the veggie mix...
this dish is my dream pub food. though we served it with a rose, a warm spring day and this dish with a nice ipa - right up our alley! fresh spanish mackerel is lightly cured in salt for about 20 minutes then rinsed and marinated in a pickling liquid with carrots, celery and onions over night. the next day the fish is patted dry, battered and fried. the veggie mix is mixed with olive oil and fresh chopped parsley and served as a salad with the crispy fish.
the dish! finished with some celery leaves tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper.
the favorite that nearly didn't make it to the dinner - smoked gum creek farm pork cheek quesadilla with riverview farms grits. the debate was the casual nature of the dish, something that i struggle with. the balance of elegant well crafted food vs. roll-up-your-sleeves, belly warming goodness. the belly warming goodness usually wins.
"i concur ben. the roasted poblanos in the quesadillas were the right choice, but the dish still looks sloppy!"
roasted grape tomatoes with black pepper spatzle and arugula, the set for the colorado lamb loin.

so we need a better camera, i want more of an option for plates, and it all must wait. nevertheless, here is the complete lamb dish with a basil olive oil sauce.
rolling out of bed early in the morning paid off as the finished date cake with vanilla ice cream was a hit. every chef draws inspiration from somewhere, and this weeks dessert was an homage to our friends at 4th and swift! while designated driving jen and a group of her friends around town last weekend, i stopped off to say hello to jay swift and the gang. i was greeted by a warm helping of sticky toffee pudding that was the best dessert I have had in a long time. thank for inspiration guys!
the crew. thanks to (left to right) rocky, harrison, michael, abby, max, mandy, marty, emily, kenny and sabrina!