Wednesday, March 24, 2010

dinner 17

dinner number 17... the first dinner we used something not made in house! we started the group off with an amuse of liverwurst on rye crouton with horseradish mayo and a cornichon wedge. the liverwurst was made by todd mussman of muss & turners and was is one of my favorite things to eat!as winter makes its last little stand, it's one last chance for a nice hearty soup. white bean puree with house cured colorado lamb bacon, mustard oil and chive.
not the best picture, but this spicy duck salad was a crowd favorite. picked duck confit tossed with scallions, ginger and a house garlic chili sauce.
chive gnocchi with black trumpet and hedgehog mushrooms and housemade ricotta cheese.
piedmontese beef eye of ribeye from montana with endive slaw and potato and pecorino hash.
dessert. housemade vanilla ice cream with grapefruit and rosemary mint syrup.
we figured since we were going to break the rules and bring in muss's liverwurst, we would do it again and have our friends from crumb bakery do the same. sabrina and rocky were gracious enough to send us 2 dozen amazing french macarons. each of our guests took one and managed to stuff themselves even more. sabrina and rocky hand deliver these and other baked goods at your request!