Wednesday, July 13, 2011

happy birthday jennifer conway

my new favorite veggie, padron peppers. tender and sweet, i ate about twenty before dinner. also pictured, of course... my takeda knife.
summer heirloom tomatoes with arugula, red onion and minted cream.
happy birthday jennifer conway! (pictured in the middle). jennifer and her husband ryan along with eight of their good friends joined us for dinner. my jen knows them first from seed factory (where she works) and became fast friends with both. ryan wanted to surprise jennifer with a staplehouse dinner... we were honored to host them all!
welcome back ben! ben has been hard at work with local three, but took some of his rare spare time to come help with a staplehouse dinner.
grilled spanish mackerel with spinach and local baby carrots, fried shallots and housemade tomato marmalade.
caramelized beans with tybee island shrimp, smoked/pickled shiitake mushrooms and sweet onion soubise.

dessert was cinnamon french toast with pearson farms peaches and vanilla bean cream.
thanks for sharing! ryan and jennifer brought a wonderful bottle of wine to share with us, delicious!

all done! one of these two are looking for scraps!