Tuesday, July 19, 2011

tin foil tricks

if you can find them, sunflower sprouts make an amazing salad or garnish. crisp and full of flavor with a nutty finish. yum!
our vegetarian course for the night. eggplant caponata with hummus, edamame and cherry pepper salad, sandy springs feta and a fried padron pepper garnish. we served it with lavash and toasted h&f baguette toasts.
panzanella salad, point reyes blue cheese, micro watercress and crispy skin chicken thigh.housemade spicy berkshire pork sausage with salad of basil, red onion, parmesan and lucques olives and a red wine vinaigrette.
my favorite course of the evening, duck meatballs. roasted till brown and juicy, and propped on top of a bed of lentil salad with heirloom tomato marmalade and finished with mint."dirty cookies". shortbread cookies filled with chocolate ganache, then drizzled with caramel, pecans and sea salt. kinda hard not to get messy wit this one. gotta have some milk with these bad boys. come on harvey, you can do it!believe it! i was paying attention at my senior prom dinner at the chanteclair. aside from the table-side caesar salad, my leftover duck a l'orange stuffed into a foil bird shape was the highlight of the evening.
tin foil animals for all! careful, takeda bites!thank you to (from left to right) lauren, jeff, angela, kenny, harvey, jonathan, erin and ben!