Monday, August 8, 2011

dinner 33

it's hot, i mean really hot, so we start with a little spice. creamy puree of corn soup with chili marinated shrimp and mojo oil. we infused grape seed oil with cumin, orange, scallions and garlic and drizzled over the soup to finish.
a simple bean salad. local green beans and roasted peppers with a warm guanciale vinaigrette and ciabatta crumbs. guanciale is italian style bacon made from pork cheeks without the addition of smoke.
lightly smoked north georgia trout with potato salad, pickled red onions and house made chive sour cream.
my favorite dish of the night. crispy chicken thigh with heirloom tomato salad and herb "caesar".
a match made in heaven. honeysuckle gelato is a new face to the atlanta frozen treat scene and boy are we glad they are here. peanut butter gelato with housemade fig jam. it evokes the child within, memories or munching on a PB&J are different but somehow the same. unreal!
thanks to (left to right) don, traci, connie, hal, erica, chris, catherine, melissa, andy and rianna!