Monday, August 22, 2011

dinner 34

figs! my local fig source dried up early this season, so these beautiful calimyrna figs came to us via california. yum!
cheers, time to get to it!first up, chilled athena melon soup with cucumber, mint and olive oil.most of the time, less is more. simple fig brulee, arugula, 12 month manchego cheese, sea salt and lemon.
a pale green rectangle canvas of avocado, salad of peeky toe crab and ripe summer tomatoes. a drizzle of creamy jalapeno and crispy tortilla. all things summer on one plate.must have had mexican food on my mind. for the main course, a tostada of chili braised berkshire pork, cabbage and watermelon radish slaw, crema and housemade hot sauce.more figs... this time fig jam and honeysuckle's buttermilk gelato rest on an elephant ear sprinkled with powdered sugar and mint. for those wondering what an elephant ear is, it's a favorite of carnival and festival goers. a fried yeast dough that is liken to a chewy french toast, so good!
thanks to natalie, eleanore, scott, mia, zach, christina, anne, michael, wright and amy!