Monday, October 17, 2011

dinner #37

back at it, four courses this weekend and a special visit from ben!
first up, duck confit and lentil soup with chanterelle mushrooms, housemade sour cream and scallion garlic oil.
my favorite course of the evening, hot smoked salmon with celery root puree and caperberry-parsley salad.for the main course a play on shepherd's pie. horseradish potato cake with braised hanger steak, and a local radish and carrot salad.dessert was peanut butter terrine with cookie crumble and cranberry preserves. the best pb& j ever!
thank you to (from left to right) lisa (with scarey halloween cat), ross, amanda, heather, john, stacey (with cleaver in hand), harvey (with skull head), rachel, peter and molly. oh, and the guy with the 'fro, is ryan.