Tuesday, November 22, 2011

chomp & stomp 2011 62nd place chili

so our 2011 chomp & stomp chili didn't do as well as we had hoped. in fact, it placed well below our expectations... 62nd place to be exact! and though we have questions as to how the judging goes down we still had an amazing day filled with good friends, chili and beeeeeeer!

here are some photos of what went into the staplehouse smoked brisket chili.  toasted and fresh ground cumin and peppercorns, 5 types of dried chilis and four giant angus beef briskets. the rest is a staplehouse secret, but we can tell you that there was no tomato product and we slow cooked our chili for about 8 hours, layering the flavors throughout the process.

travis and brandon unloading the car, getting ready for war!
hard to tell from the picture, but we offered five different housemade hot sauces to self medicate and garnished the top of each serving with a tiny spoon of our pickled jalapeno relish.

sister kara's 2nd year helping the home team.

a stop by the fox brothers chili stand to say hello to our dear friend luna and share a nip of bourbon.
great turn out this year, almost to good.  tons of chili eaters hit the park for some bluegrass before the chili results.
after a long day of scooping the last thing you want is a bowl of chili so greasy cheese burgers for all!
thanks again to all who helped out this year. regardless of the 62nd place, its still one of my favorite events in atlanta.  next year, chili gold!