Wednesday, November 30, 2011

STAPLEHOUSE small batch program

STAPLEHOUSE small batch is underway.
what is small batch?  STAPLEHOUSE small batch is a new program where STAPLEHOUSE produces limited quantity specialty items, such as soup, hot sauces, pickles, mustards and jams -- all made scratch from local product, and all first-come, first-served.  with each email we send, we list that weekends offering and provide all necessary details about suggested donation and such.
oh, wait.  there's more.  STAPLEHOUSE also offers free delivery to certain atlanta area neighborhoods, but you need to be on our email list to see where those are!  otherwise, picking up from our grant park home is the option.

to date, STAPLEHOUSE has offered a different small batch soup each weekend for the last 6 weeks. from roasted local chicken & dumplings to pork rib & udon noodle.  below was a bowl of our smoked berkshire pork & beans that hit the spot!  a huge hunk of warm corn bread, slathered with good butter softly nestled underneath the glory of pork & beans is magic.  truly magic.  all STAPLEHOUSE small batch soup is limited to 2 quarts per person or family.  1 quart equals 2 servings. all of our soups are labeled with hand written batch numbers.
photo curtsey of a friend
small batch label for 12/3/11
STAPLEHOUSE small batch will be in addition to our prelude dinners.