Friday, November 4, 2011

chomp & stomp 2011

yes, fall is in the air!

the weather has taken a soft knee, the indianapolis colts have taken many painful snaps, and the jeans and fall attire replace flip flops and t-shirts (at least for a while).

one other thing happens...

Staplehouse competes in our third year of the cabbagetown chomp & stomp chili cook-off! we came out of the gates swinging our first year with a 7th place brisket chili out of 130 teams. year two, well, lets just say we vowed never to enter that - *%^!!?*% @$# - cook-off again, ahem! (26th place), BUT! as the season comes back around, we have found new passion and excitement has filled our spirit and we are ready to rock! year three is the year we bring home solid chili gold.

this is my favorite event of the year, college football in the background, arts and crafts, great food and live music all tucked into cozy little cabbagetown park. we encourage all to join with us this year, as we will be scooping this magic mix of brisket and ground chilies from heaven. who wouldn't want to be a part of this ?!

so, if anyone feels that what they are missing in their life is a warm cider and bourbon in one hand and a fresh krispy cream doughnut in the other, as the sun rises up over a steaming cauldron of spicy chili, well then, you know what to do.

any and all are welcome to visit cabbagetown park this year (no dogs though). the event is tomorrow, november 5th. chili tends to go fast, very fast!

here's to the chili!