Monday, February 13, 2012

toasting to allen jones

an evening to celebrate one of our city's true greats!  the weekend before last, staplehouse participated in a night of food and drink, to celebrate allen jones.  who is allen jones you ask?  he is only the man behind such great restaurants as restaurant eugene, 4th & swift, bocado, miller union and many other greats.  mr. jones is responsible for helping young restaurateurs get it together.  business planning, bank interviews, networking and coaching you through every step of the process. staplehouse is fortunate enough to be working with allen and we jumped at the chance to honor the man of such great influence.  below are some pics from the event which jay swift, of 4th & swift and his amazing crew were kind enough to host.  check out more talks on the night and pictures here at

miles macquerrie of kimball mill
"the consultant" by kimball mill

greg best of holeman & finch public house

staplehouse char siu pork cheep with carrot ginger salad